Rainbow Song - Concert Band

Catalog: MMPW-106

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Rainbow Song, for adaptable band, is a contrapuntal fanfare for a Rainbow.  In the music several notes are slurred together into melodic ideas that look like 'rainbows' in the music.  This big fanfare has a big, majestic sound like a rainbow covering the full sky with no beginning or end - just like the melodies of the music that go back and forth between notes.

Rainbow Song also has harmonic elements, called musical chords that lead the music forward and are fun to tune with bandmates as you play, listening to each other as a group, while making sure your own unique note blends into the musical texture.  A chord is made up of many notes (usually three) that sound in the music at the same time.  Special percussion instruments, like the windchime, also help create a glimmering atmosphere around the chords and melodies.

Concert Band, adaptable band - score and parts included

Murphy Music Press ยท RAINBOW SONG - JUDY BOZONE

Publisher: Murphy Music Press
Composer/Author: Bozone, Judy
Catalog Number: MMPW-106