Crown of Violets - Concert Band

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"I have always loved the feeling of bittersweet, and this poem (my favorite of the Sappho Fragments), captures that feeling extremely well.  The translation by Anne Carson is the one that I used to create this piece.  The first line is striking and full of anguish, so the chime scrape starts off the piece.  Sappho's lover laments their forced seperation and so I continue the piece with a mournful melody that morphs into a dirge.  Sappho's response to her tears are words of soft memories, and so my response became a chorale.  The works of Maslanka greatly influenced my own writing in his tendency to put in a sparkling woodwind line above the drawn out chorale, and with word of rejoice, and beautiful memory, and love, a good amount of sparkle was needed.  As the poem slows to and end, we start to lose more of her words, and we are left with only fragments.  I was inclined to reflect this with a section of cues to bring the piece to an end.  Softly, delicately, no dance, no groove, no sound."

-Amber Sheeran

Concert Band, grade level 4 - score and parts included

Murphy Music Press ยท A Crown Of Violets - Amber Sheeran

Publisher: Murphy Music
Composer/Author: Sheeran, Amber
Catalog Number: W-741