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Blue Cantos Recorder & Recorder Express Book

Price: $6.95


This plastic 1 piece recorder is a popular and affordable choice for many educators.  Includes bag, fingering chart, and cleaning swab.  Features double 6th and 7th holes with Baroque fingering.  The instrument speaks nicely in both octaves and has a clear, bright sound.  Notes are easily played with good intonation, balance, and response.  Recorder Express is the track to becoming a great recorder player and having fun!  More than 120 folk, pop, and original songs and exercises are included as well as technique tips and beginning music theory.  Notes in the order taught:  B, A, G, C, D, Low E, Low D, F#, Low C, F, High E.  Levels one and two are covered in this one edition.  This method was well-conceived and thoroughly tested by master teacher, clinician, and professional recorder player Artie Almeida.