Intrinsic Light - Concert Band

Catalog: W-684

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"Intrinsic Light is a term for the colour or sensation we experience in complete darkness, due to the spontaneous activity of neurons in the retina. My goal with this piece was to represent this phenomenon through sound. Reflecting on this concept prompted a deeper, metaphorical realization: even in times of darkness, we are able to observe, generate, and experience light, and that coming together to make music is one of the ways in which we can do this. When I was a high school student, I participated in the Ontario Provincial Honour Band and performed at the annual OMEA conference. It was a formative experience during which I was surrounded by others who were there out of a genuine desire to share their love of music -- a beautiful example of “intrinsic” motivation. It has been ten years since I graduated from my high school music program, and five years since completing my post-secondary studies in music, and I am endlessly grateful to have been part of the music education community in Ontario. Music teachers are some of the unseen superheroes of this world, and it was a huge honour to have been asked to write music in celebration of their work."

-Cait Nishimura

Concert Band, Grade level 4 - score and parts included

Cait Nishimura Music · INTRINSIC LIGHT - Cait Nishimura x OPHB 2019

Publisher: Murphy Music
Composer/Author: Nishimura, Cait
Catalog Number: W-684