Suzuki QC1 QChord Digital Songcard Guitar

Catalog: QC1

Price: $479.99

Everyone loves music, but turning the desire into reality takes a commitment in time and money. Whether you're 3 or 93, you can make music the very first time you try. No trick fingering or breathing techniques. No long practice sessions. Learn to play in seconds, then add features as you become more proficient.
A powerful on board micro processor and advanced sound engine gives QChord exceptional flexibility. Play up to 84 different chord combinations, 100 instrument voices and fully orches trated rhythms using the LCD display, all assigna ble to 4 octave strumplate or melody keyboard. A pitch bend wheel adds expression. Press EZ play for chords and strumplate only. Dial in sustain, volume levels, rhythms and voices to customize every song. High tech speaker design with bass port provides exceptional sound quality.
QChord has been recognized as an outstanding educational product for children by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. The 12th Annual Early Childhood News Awards honored QChord with both a Director's Choice Award and special Judges' Selection Award.
Make music instantly, easily and interactively by plugging in a song cartridge and strum! Choose your favorite music category. All songs are beautifully orchestrated.
QChord Digital SongCard Guitar Includes 8 C batteries, keyboard overlay, and instruction manual.

Model: QC1
Manufacturer: Suzuki

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