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Bocarina - Professional NoseFlute

Catalog: BC2012


Groth Music is pleased to now offer the Bocarina - a professional level noseflute made in South Africa by craftsman and designer Chris Schuermans. Noseflute enthusiasts and particularly discerning players will appreciate this beatifully designed instrument. The Bocarina is made from durable, ABS plastic and is manufactured according to highly refined specifications which were the result of much research and sophisticted modeling software.

Some of the most prominent features are...

  • Rigid, heavier weight ABS plastic construction for durablity and bigger tone
  • Precise construction with ideal specifications, dimensions, angles, etc...
  • Produces a loud, clear, full tone more easily than entry level noseflutes
  • Response of lower tones is particulary impressive


The picture above and the description below are courtesy of

It's quite rare to attend the birth of a new nose flute. For us, lovers of this small instrument, it's a real event, and that is what is happening now. Mr Chris Schuermans, craftsman and designer from Pretoria, South Africa, is launching the Bocarina , a new hi-end plastic nose flute.

Well, Mr.Schuermans is not a 2011 newcomer in nosefluting : he began creating those instruments 4 years ago, after having read about them. As a potter, he first hand-shaped his first models, then created moulds. The first shape evolved to new models, leading to the beautiful current Bocarina . During these years, Chris Schuermans thought also of developing a plastic production, in order to satisfy greedy mass-customers and lessen the fabrication costs.

It took Chris Schuermans around a year to achieve the final specifications of the plastic Bocarina , using simultaneously his designing and nose flute playing skills, with the help of a 3D modelling software. It has been a very precise work to refine the fipple specs, dimensions, angles...

Finally, a first series of 2000 pieces were produced, in ABS plastics, according to 5 different colors, pure black, Delft blue, coral red, plain orange, and milky pink.

Model: BC2012
Manufacturer: Schuermans

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