Hopewell - Concert Band

Catalog: SROCKET002

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Hopewell was commissioned by Hopewell Middle School's Symphonic Band directed by Audrey Murphy located in Milton, Georgia.  The connotations of the school's namesake gave an opportunity to convey a realization that a generation of young people is growing up in an age of uncertainty and that hope is often a seed that is rarely planted.  Like most developing minds of today‚Äôs era, a situation where the possible positive ending to a seemingly dramatic and life changing problem is all but possible to them.  Most do not see that hope is a ray of brilliant light that often breaks the most foreboding thundering clouds of life even at the last moments of a crossroads.  The movements of rhythm and volume weaved within this piece reflect that the very mindset of those who only see the darkness of a situation can often find the glimmer of hope to hold onto at the very end for to have the hope of peace, the hope of cures, and the hope of a better life is something that all children deserve the right to have.

Concert Band, Grade level 3 - score and parts included

Publisher: Nikkinotes
Composer/Author: Chamberlain, Nicole
Catalog Number: SROCKET002