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Hohner 270 Super Chromonica Harmonica - Gold

Price: $369.99

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This version of the Super Chromonica 270 has a gold-plated mouthpiece and case covers. The same world-class instrument in stunning gold!

The Super Chromonica 270 is the world's most popular chromatic harmonica. This is the workhorse chromatic harp - virtually unchanged for over 50 years, yet still the top seller and the industry standard. It's the classic all-round chromatic harmonica, suitable for all styles.

The Super Chromonica 270 has a three-octave chromatic range beginning at middle C. The reeds are fitted with special wind-saving valves. The precision-crafted pearwood comb is optimized for superior reed response over its complete range, from the mellow low octave to the bright and clear top octave. It has a warm tone and tight action. A molded plastic case is included.

  • Holes: 12
  • Reeds: 48
  • Reedplates: Brass, 1.05 mm
  • Comb: Pearwood
  • Length: 5 5/8 inches

Model: 270GOLD_60316
Manufacturer: Hohner