Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonica Set

Price: $31.99


The perfect seven-piece starter set. Piedmont Blues (or East Coast Blues) was born in the American Southeast during the 1900s. Out of its diverse influences arose some of America's most well-known blues harmonica players.

The Piedmont Blues set presents the beginning harmonica player with an affordable way to sample playing in seven different keys (G, A, Bb, C, D, E, and F.) These harmonicas have 10 holes and a two and a half octave range. Each harmonica has plastic covers with a matte black finish and gold trim, brass reedplates, and a plastic comb. The entire set comes in a sturdy woven zippered case. Packaging includes a cardboard sleeve with printed instructions and a key chart to get you started.

Model: PBH7
Manufacturer: Hohner