Bontempi Toy Trumpet - Silver

Catalog: TR4231

Price: $23.95

This best selling gift item is a sure hit for your child! Features real working keys, plastic construction so it's not too heavy for little hands, and includes several colour coded songs printed on the box. For ages three and up. Four colour coded notes.

This Bontempi toy Trumpet is a part of the ORCHESTRA programme of toys using the educative method of seven colours - seven tones makes it easier for children to study notes and play the instrument itself. Children's musical toys of the Italian company are educative musical toys which from the early days of childhood develop love for music, musical memory and sense for rhythm. Rich with harmony of colours and shapes as well as with proved toy Italian design, they offer to children more than a Toy itself. Extremely various assortment of these toys is intended for and attainable to individual buyers through our retail distribution net as well as to kindergartens, schools, educational institutions for the purpose of play and education of children, and also to the firms planning through form of new year presents to make their children happy and educate them at the same time. It is important to point out that these toys do not contain any destructive elements (figures, shapes, weapons) so that they do not provoke aggressive behavior with children as many toys through play can do. The licensed programme is represented with very well known figures out of cartoons by Walt Disney and Warner Bros such as Mickey Mouse and Friends, Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Cinderella, Bellflower, Little Siren, The Beauty and the Beast, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Bugs Bunny, Silvester cat and the bird Tweety, as well as the Mattel's cult doll Barbie. Measures approximately 15" long.

Model: TR4231
Manufacturer: Bontempi