Feira De Maio - Concert Band

Catalog: W-4432

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"This concert pasodoble makes reference to the centuries-old Feira de Maio, “the most authentic of Ribatejo”. This takes place in the village of Azambuja, north of the district of Lisbon. As I am Ribatejano and having grown up in this county, the coexistence with the taurine tradition and culture is an integral part of my person.

A very energetic and virtuous piece, which highlights the extensive alto saxophone solo which, out of curiosity, was written on the day of the saxophone, the anniversary of the birth of Adolphe Sax, its inventor."

-Nelson Jesus, composer

Concert Band, Grade level 4.5 - score and parts included
Duration - 7:35

Murphy Music Press · Feira De Maio -Nelson Jesus

Publisher: Murphy Music
Composer/Author: Jesus, Nelson
Catalog Number: W-4432