Cipher - Concert Band

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A Cipher is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption - a series of well0defined steps that can be followed as a procedure.  This piece is in a compound meter called 6/8, which divides each beat or pulse into three parts, with each measure containing two beats.  The "cipher" in this piee is a palindromic rhythm - a rhythm that can be played the exact same forward and backward-which is passed around the ensemble.  Palindromes are also commonly found in words and literature (racecar, madam, and others) as well as in mathemetics and science (for example, some DNA is palindromic).  The groovy interplay of the cipher rhythm with other rhythms combines with dark and moody harmonies and continually rising melodic lines that build over and over, climbing higher each time, like attempts at trying to crack the secret encrypted code.

Concert Band, Grade level 2 - score and parts included
Duration - 1:45

Publisher: Murphy Music Press
Composer/Author: Biedenbender, David
Catalog Number: W-582