Metropolis Downpour - Concert Band

Catalog: W-871

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"I began writing Metropolis Downpour in the Spring of 2017 after my final theory class at Blair School of Music. As I left the building, thunder roared from the skies as flash floods surged throughout the streets. The sky was a beautiful navy, complimenting the copper roads that reflected the beams of the streetlights. On my normal route home, I passed over the I-65 and I-440 exchange which has a beautiful view of Nashville’s skyline. That’s when I found inspiration for the title itself. From there, I asked several people what came to their mind when they thought about the storms. Some of the ideas I received were chaos, mystery, tranquility and romance. With those ideas in mind, I began one of my most ambitious projects at the time."

-Darius Edwards, composer

Concert Band, Grade level 4 - score and parts included
Duration - 5:15

Publisher: Murphy Music
Composer/Author: Edwards, Darius
Catalog Number: W-871