Aulos A507 Sopranino Recorder

Catalog: A507

Price: $15.95


The sopranino recorder, in the key of F, sounds an octave above the alto recorder and a fourth above the soprano. It is a great range-extender for a recorder ensemble - very useful for playing those soprano parts that hang just a little too high. It also has both its own unique Baroque solo repertoire and the alto recorder's solo repertoire available for solo playing.

The Aulos A507B has a clear and even tone, surprisingly warm and complex for such a high instrument, and an exceptionally light and delicate response. Like all Aulos recorders, it has high-quality workmanship and very good intonation, and the three-piece construction allows for custom tuning and adjustment of the bell joint for different-sized hands.

Durable dark brown ABS body with ivory-color mouthpiece and rings. Three-piece construction; Baroque (English) fingering. Includes a leatherette snap-closure case, cleaning rod, and fingering chart.

Model: A507
Manufacturer: Aulos