Jansen Hands Off Lucite Fallboard Clamp 6" Piano Lock

Catalog: 205LOCK

Price: $119.99


The best selling Piano Lock on the market! This unbreakable black noryl industrial thermo-plastic fallboard lock makes it impossible for unauthorized people to open up and play your piano. Extremely light weight, it has a 6" wide opening to fit virtually every piano, and is supplied with 2 pre-drilled shims to adjust height. The Clamp is lined with felt, so it will not damage the piano's finish. The locking mechanism (self-contained) is made by Master Lock for added security.

Great for pianos in public places (school, hotels, churches, studios, banquet halls) as well as those in homes with small children. Works on both upright and grand pianos.


  • Pin tumbler lock with two keys which are keyed alike.
  • Lined with felt, to protect piano finish.
  • Unbreakable Industrial thermo-plastic - does not bend or flex
  • Installs Easily (instructions included)
  • Pre-drilled shims to adjust width

Instillation instructions are included. Installation is fairly simple however. There are two pieces, the lock/clamp and the shoe (the smaller piece with the 4 pre-drilled holes). The shoe is the piece that attaches underneath your piano, and is easily mounted using the 4 included screws. The wood underneath a piano is usually soft, so you will not need to pre-drill holes--you can just screw it in by hand. Wood spacers are included in case you need to adjust the height (typically they are not needed as fallboards in general are the same size, but occasionally some spinets or uprights will need the extra little bit of height adjustment). The larger locking piece then slides into the shoe, and you turn the key to lock it in place. When you want to play the piano, simply unlock it and remove the clamp.

Model: 205LOCK
Manufacturer: JANSEN