Refurbished Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone

Catalog: 89335

Price: $6000.00

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Serial Number: 89335

approx. 1960

Refurbished by Groth Music's Repair Shop

Fully Regulated

Completely disassembled, including the removal of all pads and key/neck corks. The body and keys are carefully cleaned to maintain the integrity of the original lacquer and necessary dents are raised.

In our pre-assembly process, keys/posts are swedged on the hinge rods to maximize the durability of the key adjustments and regulations. Springs are adjusted (and replaced if necessary).

Keys are then prepared by installing quality leather pads with a custom sized set of resonators (unless all of the original resonators are in good condition to be recycled to maintain originality). Key corks are updated with high tech felt for quieter action and avoids compression for longer lasting adjustments, regulations, and key heights.

In all of our key installation/assembly processes, we use high quality synthetic key oils and lubricants to ensure long lasting protection against friction wear. As well as the use of other frictionless materials that allows for smooth and optimal action.

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About the Mark VI:

“ The Mark VI was first produced by the Selmer company in 1954. It was the sixth new model to come from the factory since they began making their first saxophone in 1922 and boasted a bunch of new design features. The Mark VI models were produced from 1954-1974. The Super Action 80 was introduced by Selmer in 1980.
These new models are documented with serial numbers. Serial numbers stamped on the neck are used to recognize the Selmer saxophone models. Although the Selmer designs had been improving, from the release of the revolutionary Balanced Action model in 1936 through to the Super Action horn, the Selmer Mark VI brought the best combination yet of key work, tone, and intonation.

In fact, some would argue that this model was the ‘perfect storm’ of design improvements, and the new key designs from the Selmer Mark VI are still the benchmark for most new horns these days.

Selmer produced the Mark VI until 1974,making thousands of instruments during the twenty–year run. During this time, there were many slight improvements made, and as each instrument was built by hand, there were slight variations from one horn to the next.

Model: 89335
Manufacturer: Selmer PARIS