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Remo VERSA Djembe, Timbau, Tubano 3 Pack

Catalog Number: DP-VS13-AA

Price: $464.00


This package features one each of the VERSA drums by Remo. 
The VERSA Djembe is 23.5" tall with a 13" TF10 high pitched head.
The VERSA Timbau is 25.75" tall with a 13" TF15 medium pitched head.
The VERSA Tubano is 25.75" tall with a 13" TF20 low pitched head.

The VERSA Drum has a patent pending both domestically and internationally. Remo's latest innovative technology called Taper-Fit Drum Coupling allows the drumhead to make an easy self-sealing fit giving the VERSA Drum rich bass tones and overall quality sound that is unmatched in the drumming industry. Remo Taper-Fit Drum Coupling provides a positive seal as well as a means of directly transferring the energy of the drumhead frame to the drum body and thereby creates a full sounding instrument that is lightweight, inexpensive, and resonant.

The VERSA Drum is offered in three large body shaped drums; the Djembe, Timbau, and Tubano®. Easily remove the drumhead and play it like a frame drum. Each drum comes with a preselected Taper Fit (TF) drumhead. Other drum sounds can be had by selecting any of the other TF heads available, offering a variety of possibilities. For easy portability and space-saving storage, nest 3 Timbaus or 1 of each drum together.

  • Remo Innovation made in America with American Technology
  • 55 years of Remo Film Technologies
  • Professional Sound Quality
  • Pre-turned Drumhead Technology
  • Durable Drum Shell Constructed with Acousticon
  • Nest 3 Timbaus or 1 of Each Drum Together for Easy Storage

Model: DP-VS13-AA
Manufacturer: Remo

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