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Yamaha FP-8500C Single Foot Pedal - Chain Drive, Longer Footboard

Price: $189.99

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    Frame Structure : This Yamaha original design incorporates a sub-frame just below the rocker shaft to deliver greater stability and durability. Drummers will experience smoother, more stable movement particularly in double pedal setups since bearings for both the main and remote beaters are incorporated into the sub-frame.


    The FP-8500C is a double chain drive single pedal, with an optional woven nylon belt included if you prefer the feel of a strap-drive pedal. The FP-8500C has adjustments for beater angle, footboard angle, and spring tension. The footboard is longer, making this pedal ideal for drummers that play with a heel/toe technique. The pedal frame has a stabilizer bar cast into it below the rocker shaft to eliminate flex. This keeps the bearings in alignment and gives the pedal a smooth feel. The hole in the beater hub is tear drop shaped so it securely holds the beater shaft. The FP-8500C ships with our hard felt beater that has been a favorite of many of our artists for years. The side-adjustable hoop clamp holds firmly to different thickness hoops, and tightens with a wing bolt.


    Design/Architecture Detail

    Yamaha Base Plate Yes
    Yamaha's Flame Design Yes
    BD Hoop Clamp System Yes
    Footboard Angle Adjustment No
    Patternless Footboard Yes
    Long Footboard Yes
    Tear Drop Beater Shaft Rocker Yes
    Beater Angle Adjustment Yes
    Spring Roller with Bearings Yes
    Spring Tension Adjustment Lock System Yes
    2way Beater No
    Semi-Hard Case No

    Model: FP-8500C
    Manufacturer: Yamaha