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Yamaha RS-2032 Rim Saver, Bass Drum (Pair)

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Made from lightweight extruded aluminum

Protects the rim two ways: first, the Rim Saver comes with button head Allen key screws that allow a new or used rim to be protected from mallet hits and clicks. Rugged construction with contoured strike zone provides the perfect sound without damaging the mallet or the rim. Second, the screw and nut combination are provided in the case where a rim has fractured or broken.

Drill holes

The Rim Saver can be screwed to the rim to repair the rim to get you through the gig.

One size fits all

Whether you are repairing a cracked rim or protecting a new drum from dings and scratches, the Rim Saver protects all of your drums with the same strength and durability, with a one size fits all shape.


The Rim Saver not only fits all Yamaha bass drums, but most brands on the market.

Model: RS-2032
Manufacturer: Yamaha