Aulos A309AF Adaptive Alto Recorder

Catalog: A309AF

Price: $37.75


The Aulos A309AF Adaptive Alto recorder is intended for use by players who have hand and finger disabilities, including missing fingers, missing joints, stiff fingers, etc. Now more people can join in playing recorder!

The alto recorder consists of the head joint, bell joint, and four body segments which can be rotated. It has five single holes and a thumb hole on the body, and a double hole on the bell, which also features a rubber o-ring to cushion the edge of the bell.

It includes a clip-on thumb rest, a cleaning rod, joint grease, fingering chart and instructions, and glue to secure the recorder once it is arranged correctly.

This recorder is essentially for seven fingers, but with six fingers, all but three of the notes can still be played. The ranges are: seven fingers, F-G (2 chromatic octaves and a step;) six fingers, G-G (2 chromatic octaves, minus the top F#/Gb.) The fingering is basically Baroque.

Careful assembly will be required. A teacher or experienced adult should work with the player to determine the best position of the body joints, and then glue the recorder into position.

Model: A309AF
Manufacturer: Aulos