KidsPlay Combined Bells Color Coded Fun Package Deal

Catalog: RB107PKG

Price: $74.95
This fun package deal is a great introduction to the KidsPlay combined bells. It includes two of our favorite color-coded products - The Color-Ring Book Color-Coded Songbook, and the Color-Staff Junior, along with an 8 note diatonic Combined Bell Set. This bell set allows the bell ringers to use the push button technique, so that a single bell ringer could play an entire melody, while the bells can still be rung using a traditional handbell technique in a larger group. The Color-Ring Book, Color-Coded songbook includes 11 songs that are completely color-coded and can be played with any KidsPlay 8 note bell set (8 more songs are included which require a 5 note chromatic add-on.) The Color-Staff Junior is a great way to add more colorful fun by creating your own songs and seeing the music staff in action.