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Aizen TSSOT7 SO Tenor Master Mouthpiece

Price: $332.00


The 1950s and 1960s were a golden era for jazz music. These decades also saw the birth of a wide range of jazz sax mouthpieces. Some of these pieces became legendary for their handmade excellence and individual sound and are now referred to as vintage mouthpieces. A half-century later, these pieces are still treasured and sought after by saxophone players.
At AIZEN, we've taken the very finest of these vintage pieces and aimed to recreate their unique sound and superb playability.

The AIZEN SO Tenor Master Mouthpiece

AIZEN is compatible with most Selmer ligature sizes

Opening Size

C* 6 6* 7 7* 8 8*
1.8mm(.071) 2.3mm(.090) 2.4mm(.095) 2.55mm(.100) 2.65mm(.105) 2.8mm(.110) 2.9mm(.115)


Model: TSSOT7
Manufacturer: Aizen