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Remo Versa Tubano, Tall, 3 Pc. Nested Set (9" - 11" - 13")

Price: $449.00

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This set of three Remo Versa Tall Tubanos is nestable, to save space. The set includes: 

  • VS-TU09-42SD099 - 9" head
  • VS-TU11-42SD099 - 11" head
  • VS-TU13-42SD099 - 13" head

All three tall Tubanos are 24.5" tall, and ship with the TF20 low-pitched Versa drum head.

Also available separately: the individual tall Tubanos, with TF20 or NSL (Not-So-Loud) heads, and a set of 3 tall Tubanos with NSL heads.

 The Tubano (R) is a Remo innovation. Conga-like in sound, the design features an internal resonating tube and cut-out feet to allow full bass resonance without using a floor stand or tilting the drum.

All Versa drums feature the lightweight Acousticon (R) 100% recycled wood drum shell, and use the Taper-Fit Drum Coupling (R) system, which provides a positive seal between the drum and the drum head frame, directly transferring the energy from the drum head to the drum body, allowing great resonance and deep bass sounds in a lightweight, economical drum.

Versa drum heads may also be removed and used as hand drums. They come in four pitches - the high-pitch TF10, medium-pitch TF15, and low-pitch TF20, plus the NSL (Not-So-Loud) head. All drums may be used with any of the heads of the same size (9", 11" or 13".)

Manufacturer: Remo