Paiste 18" Formula 602 Modern Essentials Crash Cymbal

Catalog: 1141418

Price: $440.00


Formula 602 Modern Essentials

Sizes: 16" 18" 20"
Weight: medium
Volume: low to loud
Stick Sound: soft, washy, slightly shimmering
Intensity: lively
Sustain: long

Sound Character: Full, warm, brilliantly shimmering, deep. Fairly wide range, complex mix. Quick response, fairly soft feel. Rich, strong crash sound with open low end and shimmering highs. A very versatile, responsive cymbal suited for many live and studio applications. Vinnie Colaiuta mentions: “They are nice and transparent. And as the cymbal gets bigger you really start hearing the warmth project a little more.”

Model: 1141418
Manufacturer: Paiste