Set of 10 Feierabend Folksong Tales Books


Price: $127.95

John Feierabend has brought 10 classic folksongs to life in his Folksong Tales books. These beautifully illustrated story/songbooks all contain the fully-notated song with lyrics. Free download files are included for each song. Read, listen, and sing along to help your students (or your children) identify and preserve some of the best music of our heritage for future generations.

This set of 10 hardcover books includes:

  • My Aunt Came Back
  • There was a Man and He was Mad
  • The Tailor and the Mouse
  • The Frog and the Mouse
  • Jennie Jenkins
  • The Crabfish
  • The Derby Ram
  • The Other Day I Met a Bear
  • Risseldy Rosseldy
  • Father Grumble

All books are also sold separately.