Hohner 263 Chromatica Harmonica (Ensemble-Orchestral)

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The ensemble instruments from the basics of the harmonica orchestra. They are designed for rhythmic chord and bass accompaniments or for special effects, and add a truly impressive and unique visual element.

The 70-reed Chromatica M263 is a really unique instrument. Producing the same notes whether blown or drawn, it is also chromatically sequenced. Excellent for introductions and glissando effects, rhythmic chromatic sounds and cluster effects, it can be played melodically, and has lots of scope for light, jokey music in films.

The Chromatica contains 35 chromatic notes arranged directly next to each other. Heavily plated covers are stamped on one side to indicate the positions of the notes. A cardboard case is included.

  • Range: E - f'
  • Holes: 35
  • Reeds: 70
  • Reedplates: Brass, 1.05 mm
  • Comb: Pearwood
  • Length: 14 1/8 inches

Model: 263
Manufacturer: Hohner