Hohner 48 Chord Accompaniment Harmonica

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The 48 Chord Harmonica is perfect for harmony accompaniment playing, and is the most versatile chord accompaniment harmonica ever made. It can be used for playing all octave styles. Like all ensemble instruments that form the basics of the harmonica orchestra, it is designed for rhythmic chord and bass accompaniment and special effects.

With 384 reeds, it is not just the length of this instrument that is impressive! Two units hinged together play 48 chords -12 blow chords and 12 draw chords in each row (overall, it plays 12 major, 12 minor, 12 seventh, 6 diminished, and 6 augmented chords.) 

The 48 Chord Harmonica features 192 double holes, 384 reeds, brass reedplates, and pearwood combs, and measures a whopping 23 inches long. It comes in a sturdy wooden case. 

Please note: we try to keep at least one of these bad boys in stock, but they sometimes require special ordering from Hohner. Please call or e-mail to check stock levels if you have time limitations.

Model: M26701
Manufacturer: Hohner