Schubert-Lieder, Op. 117b, Volume 2 - Cello and Piano

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Schubert-Lieder: 25 Transcriptions for Violoncello and Piano, Op. 117b, Volume 2

"Kummer's catalogue of works features many arrangements of popular arias and songs of the time, including these 25 transcriptions of well-loved songs by Franz Schubert op. 117b, intended for domestic music making. Transcription was very much in vogue at the time as a way of getting to know contemporary repertoire or else showing off musical skills with virtuoso embellishments.These Schubert transcriptions belong to the first category, as Kummer does not impose his own musical ideas on Schubert: while preserving the simplicity of these songs, he adds little introductions or closing passages, makes variations in repeats and provides for a richly melodious musical experience.

"These 25 Transcriptions were published by August Cranz in Hamburg in about 1860 in individual editions. The present edition is based upon these rare editions, some of which have survived in the piano part and some with both piano and cello parts. Where it has been possible to examine both parts, original bowings and fingerings have been adopted from the cello part. The early editions contain some inconsistencies in phrasing, dynamics etc., and some errors, too. Where appropriate and possible, these inconsistencies have been corrected -- particularly in making a distinction between accents and decrescendo signs, which is in any case problematic in Schubert's music. Errors have been corrected without comment, though with close reference to Schubert's original scores." -- Wolfgang Birtel (trans. Julia Rushworth)

Table of Contents:
  • Das Wandern
  • Wohin?
  • Der Neugierige
  • Halt!
  • Des Mullers Blumen
  • Morgengruss
  • Erlkonig
  • Mein
  • Mit dem grunen Lautenbach
  • Des Baches Wiegenlied
  • Der Muller und der Bach
Publisher: Schott
Composer/Author: Kummer, F. A.
Arranger/Editor: Birtel, Wolfgang
Catalog Number: CB255
Pages: 64

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