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Bluetooth Total - XLR Bluetooth Receiver

Price: $49.00

Bluetooth Total is an XLR-equipped rechargeable Bluetooth® receiver that streams audio wirelessly to mixers or powered loudspeakers. No more cumbersome cables! With Bluetooth Total, you can convert hard-wired mixers or powered loudspeakers into wireless devices, free from restrictive, messy connection cables. Stream to a single receiver, or wirelessly link two Bluetooth Totals together and conveniently fill the room with even more sound. Features include: · XLR-equipped rechargeable Bluetooth receiver · Stream audio wirelessly to mixers or powered loudspeakers · Bluetooth links two receivers for cable-free stereo playback · Professional +4dB line-level output · USB port for charging or continuous AC power for fixed use · Battery- or AC-powered (USB cable included)

Model: 00172774
Manufacturer: Alto