Aulos A211A Tenor Recorder

Catalog: A211A

Price: $62.99


This lovely tenor recorder has a clear and gentle tone, with smooth playing in the higher register and an easy response in the low register. It is also ergonomically designed to eliminate the often uncomfortable stretch in the right hand. It's perfect for younger players, but any adult who has given up on playing tenor recorder due to the size of her/his hands will find the A211A to be a real treat!

The A211A model is lighter in weight due to a redesigned bore. Its narrow mouthpiece, stream-lined shape, and smaller and less widely spaced right-hand finger holes provide a very attractive appearance and make this instrument very suitable for the smaller hand. It also features a curved windway to minimize clogging.

You won't believe that such a comfortable recorder can sound the low tenor notes. It feels almost like holding an alto recorder, and being able to play low C and C# without keys is another bonus.

Baroque (English) fingering. Dark brown ABS plastic, with an ivory mouthpiece, ring, and foot. Three-piece. Removable ring-style thumb rest; simulated leather bag; cleaning rod; fingering chart.

Model: A211A
Manufacturer: Aulos