B-STOCK - Buffet BC3613G-2 Prestige Green Line Oboe

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The idea of the Prestige oboe emerges in 1988 when the master instrument maker René Lesieux and the international soloist Jean-louis Capezzali decide to make a clean slate of the past and completely recreate the Buffet Crampon oboe. Launched in 1992, the prestige oboe soon becomes a must.

The qualities of the Prestige oboe have been acclaimed around the world for more than 25 years. this instrument stands out by its open and assertive character, allowing musicians from every school to play all kinds of repertoires, whether orchestral, chamber, or solo. Centered yet exible, outstandingly stable, it is praised for its wide range of musical hues, while remaining the cornerstone of the Buffet Crampon acoustic identity.

Pitch440 / 443 Hz
BodyGreen line (Dalbergia Melanoxylon composite) second generation
TenonsGreen Line model equipped with an improved metal tenon ring for a tenon three times more resistant, tenon caps
Octave keys3, semi-automatic, C# trill, double D trill, left hand F lever, Philadelphia system, low B/C# trill
Keywork finishSilver-plated
Thumb restAdjustable

Model: BC3613G-2-0
Manufacturer: Buffet Crampon