Wittner 811m Series 800/810 Metronome in Mohagany Casing

Catalog: 811M

Price: $189.95

Wittner have been making metronomes to their high standard since 1895. They are considered by many to be the best 'traditional' style metronome. The Maelzel series 810 metronomes feature a detachable front cover with a securing lock and a wind-up mechanism. This 811 model has a high gloss, mahogany-coloured wooden case. The metal swinging arm has a weight which moves down along its length to match the desired bpm, which is Clearly marked on a metal back plate. In addition, there is an internal bell which can be set to ring on the first note of a bar using a metal pull-out button on the side (model without bell pictured).

Model: 811M
Manufacturer: Wittner