Chopslot Brass Player's Facemask - Youth Size

Catalog: 020-CBC

Price: $12.00

Chop Slot™ Performance Musician Masks are available now for brass, woodwind. We even have a Flute Chute™ tent mask for flute players! These durable masks feature a replaceable 2-point elastic strap, durable WOVEN materials that actually filter, and unique design innovations that make these quite playable. This year has been challenging enough, and we hope these can help you get back to rehearsals. Chop Slot™ Musician Performance Masks are available for the school year. These are made from the same materials vetted by Boston Scientific for a 130,000 piece mask order we supplied during the April/May shutdown, the same materials recommended by the CDC: Our outer barrier layer is a very heavy 5.3 oz poplin woven cotton and the inside filter layer is a 4.9 oz cotton flannel. These are extremely durable materials, and can be washed in high heat over and over for months. One patent pending design is for BRASS players, and features a vertical locking zipper. Set the lower one to fit the location of your lip/mouthpiece position, and pull the top one down where you want it. When resting, you can close the mask using the top zipper, and the lower locking zipper stays in its location.

Model: 020-CBC
Manufacturer: Torpedo Bag