7 Piece Personal Music Kit for Grades K-4

Catalog: PMK2

Price: $18.95


Groth Music’s seven piece personal music kit for grades K-4 includes a variety of rhythm and melody instruments to keep students interested in and learning music from home or in a school setting.  Included are a pair of plastic rhythm sticks, LP Rhythmix egg shaker, plastic kazoo, plastic auto castanet, 3 bell jingle, pair of sand blocks with handle and a plastic slide whistle.   A handy and durable drawstring bag is included.  Colors are random and will vary from those pictured. 

  • KA5101 Plastic Kazoo
  • AC-150 Auto Handheld Castanet
  • RS9002-GR Green Plastic Rhythm Sticks
  • 222209 Sand Blocks with EZ Grip Handles
  • DU 3566 3 Bell Cluster
  • LPR001 LP Rhythmix Egg Shaker
  • 30C Slide Whistle

Model: PMK2
Manufacturer: Groth Music