Note: For mixed string chamber music, please see Chamber Music.
Selected Etudes from Op. 36 - Viola
Arranger/Editor:Wheeler, LawrencePublisher: Carl Fischer
Mazas, J. F.
Price: $17.09
Selected Pieces for Violin and Piano
Arranger/Editor:Auer, LeopoldPublisher: Muzyka
Price: $14.35
Selected Pupil/Teacher Cello Duets
Publisher: G. Schirmer
Kummer, Friedrich A.
Price: $8.09
Selected Studies in the First Position - Viola
Arranger/Editor:Lifschey, SamuelPublisher: G. Schirmer
Sevcik, Otakar
Price: $11.69
Franchomme, Auguste
Price: $22.45
Price: $13.49
Selections from Porgy and Bess - Violin and Piano
Arranger/Editor:Heifetz, JaschaPublisher: Hal Leonard
Gershwin, George
Price: $9.86
Bagdasarjanz, U.
Price: $35.00
Serenade - Cello and Piano
Publisher: Schott
Francaix, Jean
Price: $13.95
Serenade - Violin and Piano
Arranger/Editor:Stern, IsaacPublisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Bernstein, Leonard
Price: $26.96
Serenade from Hassan - Violin and Piano
Arranger/Editor:Tertis, LionelPublisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Delius, Frederick
Price: $15.29
Serenade in E-flat Major, Op. 7 - Violin and Piano
Arranger/Editor:Ley, HermannPublisher: Universal
Strauss, Richard
Price: $13.46
Serenade Tres Facile, Op. 55 - Violin and Guitar
Arranger/Editor:Grun, AndreasPublisher: Zimmermann
Call, Leonhard von
Price: $17.06
Serenata al alba del dia - Flute (or Violin) and Guitar
Arranger/Editor:Knobloch, JiriPublisher: Schott
Rodrigo, Joaquin
Price: $16.15
Carvelli, Luigi
Price: $9.89
Shepherd's Song - Flute (or Violin) and Piano
Arranger/Editor:Adorjan, AndrasPublisher: Schott
Mendelssohn, Felix
Price: $7.19
Sevcik, Otakar
Price: $7.19
Geringas, Yaakov
Price: $12.56
Putz, Eduard
Price: $18.86
Short Story - Violin and Piano
Arranger/Editor:Dushkin, SamuelPublisher: Schott
Gershwin, George
Price: $15.26