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Originally from Cedartown, Georgia, Dr. Casey Thomas is the Assistant Professor of Trombone at Jacksonville State University. Dr. Thomas completed both his Masters and Doctor of Musical Arts degree in trombone performance and pedagogy from The University of Iowa in Iowa City and his Bachelors degree in music education from Jacksonville State University. He is the owner of several music-related businesses including Solid Brass Music Company and Just for Brass, Just for Winds, and Potenza Music (the publishing wing of Just for Brass and Winds). Previous academic appointments were at Berry College in Rome, Georgia, Ouachita Baptist University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, and Saint Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.

Students, please note:

The trombone stand linked below fits an alto, tenor, or bass trombone and is sturdy, but the best trombone stand is one I can't supply. It's made in Birmingham and isn't cheap:

Mr. Sheridan also makes an excellent brace for the left hand that helps distribute the weight of the horn. Very much worth it, especially for bass trombones or for anyone who gets fatigued holding up their horn:

All trombonists should own at least a straight mute, if not also a cup. Jazz band members should definitely have at least those two mutes. Any mute is better than no mute, but metal mutes are much better than fiberglass ("stonelined"). Also, some think they can buy a cup mute and just take off the cup when they need a straight. Please don't take this approach. Lastly, Denis Wick brass mutes are also very good.

A good beginner bass trombone mouthpiece is a Bach 1 ½ G (or 1.5 G in the link below).

Below is a link to Schilke large-shank mouthpieces. For a step-up and slightly larger mouthpiece than the Bach 6 ½ AL I suggest the Schilke 51D. The Schilke beginner bass trombone mouthpiece I recommend is the 58.

The suggested practice ("warm-up") mutes are great because they fit completely in the bell.

Yes, the double and triple tonguing book by Salvo is a trumpet book.



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Jacksonville State University

Jacksonville State University
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