Repair Shop

Groth Music offers instrument repair services performed by qualified and experienced technicians. Whether or not you purchased your instrument at Groth, our technicians will be happy to assist you in keeping your instrument in excellent playing condition. In-house repairs are offered for all brass, woodwind and orchestral stringed instruments, as well as guitars, electric basses and other fretted instruments.

Felix Norman Guitar Repair Technician

Guitar Repair

952-884-4772 ext 214

Hall Sanders Woodwind Repair Technician

Woodwind Repair

952-884-4772 ext 207

Brad Schaefer String Repair Technician

String Repair

952-884-4772 ext 233

Alex Duncan Brass Repair Technician

Brass Repair

952-884-4772 ext 232

Emergency Services Available

Emergency Services Available

To reach the entire repair phone group, please call 952-884-4772 ext 512.