Complete Percussionist (Second Edition) - A Guidebook for the Music Educator

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As one of America’s most well-known college percussion instructors and Past-President of the Percussive Arts Society, Bob Breithaupt’s The Complete Percussionist has been a mainstay on the shelf of music educators for a generation. His clinics and workshops, presented throughout the world, have assisted thousands of educators to think about percussion instruction in simple, yet practical terms. Despite the tremendous advances in percussion pedagogy in recent years, many of today’s directors continue to consider the area of percussion to be the “weak link” in their teaching background. The evolution of percussion instruments and their teaching methods are advancing at an astonishing rate, making concise, fundamental information critical to understanding the medium. The new edition of The Complete Percussionist provides an updated view of the performance, maintenance and literature of percussion instruments in the school setting. It is written to help you, the band director, to be in touch with information that will allow you to effectively communicate with today’s percussionists. This new edition is spiral bound for ease of use while the user performes the exercises within this outstanding text.

Table of Contents:
  • Introduction
  • Section 1: The Beginning Percussion Program
  • Section 2: The Family of Percussion Instruments
  • Section 3: Percussion Instruments
  • Section 4: Organization of the Percussion Section
  • Section 5: Maintenance of Percussion Instruments
  • Section 6: Supplemental
Publisher: Barnhouse
Composer/Author: Breithaupt, Robert
Catalog Number: 079347700