MPI Prism 2-pc Gold & Do It! Recorder Book and CD

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From the cool-looking colors to the full-zipper case, the MPI Prism 2-piece Soprano transparent recorders aren't just eye-candy, but serious recorders with a quality sound. Prisms feature a 2-piece design, high-quality intonation, and great sound. The complete outfit consists of the recorder, a cleaning rod, and a durable full-zipper case. There's even a fingering chart. Baroque fingering.

Do It! Play Recorder is a spectacular method by three of the best educators in the field today. It contains everything you need to teach and play the recorder. Song repertoire includes music of various styles, time periods, and countries. The book includes a music dictionary. The individualized format lets students progress at their own pace, and the included CD covers all the basics.

Model: 211213DIC
Manufacturer: Groth Music