MPI Classic 2-pc Recorder & Recorder Resource Kit Book

Catalog: 211202CR

Price: $6.99


The MPI Classic 2-piece recorder is a perfect blend of quality and value. Our MPI Classic recorder boasts superior intonation and tone. It features excellent 2-piece ABS plastic construction with a removable head joint for thorough cleaning and disinfecting. It includes our most durable full-zipper case that is rugged enough for long-term use, and a cleaning rod. Baroque fingering.

The Complete Recorder Resource, by Denise Gagne, contains listening activities, games, practice bugs, note name mad minutes, composition, recorder care and recorder note names! The student book includes a companion CD and 42 student pages in standard notation AND kids note notation, where the letter name is imprinted directly on the note head. This helps weak readers to progress.

Model: 211202CR
Manufacturer: Groth Music