Jupiter 1236L-T Professional XO Trombone with Thru-Flo Valve

Catalog: 1236L-T

Price: $4339.00


The XO professional series includes a hand-hammered bell, brass outer slide with nickel silver crook, and three interchangeable leadpipes. This model also features the Thru-Flo valve, creating an openness that is unmatched by traditional rotor valves. The air passage is completely balanced in both open and operated functions ensuring no loss of tone color or clarity.  Availability dependent on manufacturer.

• Bb with F Attachment
• .547" Large Bore with .563" F Section
• Open Wrap
• Three Interchangeable Leadpipes
• Lacquered yellow brass
• One-piece hand-hammered 8.5" bell
• Brass outer slide with nickel silver crook
• Chromed inner slides
• Thayer™ valve
• 24K Gold-plated balance
• XO Series Tourlite™ Case

Model: 1236L-T
Manufacturer: Jupiter