Technical Basics of Oboe Playing: Master Edition

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This volume discusses complex topics of proficient oboe playing, with contributions from many experienced oboists and teachers. Topics covered include finger and hand positioning, air flow and support, breathing and sound, embouchure training, double tonguing, and finger technique.

Table of Contents:
  • 8. Breathing & Sound (by Isa Terwiesche)
  • 7. Air-flow and support
    • An overview about the complex notion of support
    • Five questions addressing air-flow and support (Clara Dent-Bogàny, Nick Deutsch, Albrecht Mayer, Marie-Luise Modersohn, Daniela Tessmann, Christian Wetzel, Gregor Witt
  • 6. Optimising embourchure muscle function in wind players (by Herta Maurer-Kraft)
  • 5. Double tonguing (by Andreas Schultze-Florey)
  • 4. Embouchure training
  • 3. Arpeggios (by Emanuel Abbühl)
  • 2. Technique
    • Warm-up
    • Finger control
    • Transition over the break
    • Basic pattern
  • 1. Finger and hand positioning
Publisher: Konikos
Composer/Author: Mendel, Andreas
Catalog Number: 9790900008688

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