Jamey Aebersold Starter Set

Catalog: JA7

Price: $99.95

For all instruments! This excellent starter set includes the 7 books and CDs that Jamey recommends as the starting point in his series of over 100 volumes. Save over 15% off of the price of individual volumes by purchasing this special package deal. Includes Vol 1 - How to Play and Improvise, Vol 24 - Major and Minor, Vol 21 - Gettin' It Together, Vol 2 - Nothin But the Blues, Vol 3 - The II/V7/I Progression, Vol 54 - Maiden Voyage, and Vol 70 - Killer Joe. An excellent gift item and an excellent starter package for school jazz study programs. Total price for individual volumes is $115.45 - a savings of $20.50!