Yamaha French Horn Hand Guard

Catalog: YAC1545P

Price: $18.60


The Yahama left hand guard offers comfort and non-intrusive left hand dexterity that can fit a wide variety of horn brand names. The hand guards are made in a three-layer configuration.

The layer that contacts the horn is made of a soft, Velvoa lining that maintains lacquer integrity and helps with corrosion protection. The second layer is made of a waterproof, 210 Denier, Nylon barrier that shields the horn from perspiration. The third layer is crafted of black, Verona, full-grain leather offering unparalleled comfort.

The guard can be fastened and un-fastened easily, yet securely because Yamaha has taken away the old fashioned stringed fastening concept and incorporated Velcro into the hand guard.

Model: YAC1545P
Manufacturer: Yamaha