Neotech Classic Strap 2-Hook for Bass Clarinet

Catalog: 2001072

Price: $23.95


Take the soft, durable features of neoprene, combine them with Neotech's unique internal control-stretch system, and you get the most comfortable strap ever made. The unique slides hold the desired length while offering easy, two-finger adjustment capabilities. The neoprene evenly distributes the weight while the internal system absorbs the shock of your movements normally felt in the neck and shoulders. The Classic Strap™ minimizes the strap movement while maximizing the comfort.

The Classic Strap™ 2-Hook is ideal for the bass clarinet with two connection points; however, it's also great for the performer who wants added security with a 2-hook system. It fits many instruments including: saxophone, clarinet, English horn, bassoon and oboe. Comfort and class—what a duo!

Approximate size: 16.5" - 22"

Model: 2001072
Manufacturer: Neotech