Yamaha Standard Series Small Shank Trombone Mouthpiece

Produced using the most advanced computer design and manufacturing technology, Yamaha's Standard Series mouthpieces feature unmatched precision, smooth attack, secure control, and easy playability. They have the ideal weight for all-around usage and are available in over 100 configurations. There’s a Yamaha mouthpiece to suit every player.

Model No.Rim Inner Diameter (mm)Throat (mm)Characteristics
SL-48DS25.256.62Same rim as the 48 with a relatively deep cup. Rich lower register with a rich, soft tone. Also ideal for euphonium.
SL-48S25.256.62Well-balanced rim and cup for all-around playing. Refined design meets the needs of professional players.
SL-51S25.236.92Relatively large inner rim diameter with large cup volume for a dark sound. Standard euphonium model with a beautiful rich tone.
SL-51C4S25.236.92Shallower cup than the 51. Plenty of volume and power. Solid tone throughout the instrument's range. Ideal for symphony orchestra playing.
SL-52S25.657.11Larger inner rim diameter and cup than the 51. Heavy tone. For advanced players.

Model: YACSL-S
Manufacturer: Yamaha


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