Schilke Standard Series Bass Trombone Mouthpiece

For more than a generation, Schilke trombone mouthpiece models have been accepted as the top choice for the serious trombone or euphonium player. These classic models feature comfortable rim profiles and unique cup shapes.

Model No.mminchesThroatDescription
5726.521.04417/64 (.2656″)This model is an excellent choice for those who play tenor and bass trombone.
5827.681.09019/64 (.2969″)A highly recommended mouthpiece for those who double on tenor and bass, and the full-time bass trombonist, combining both good intonation with great lower and upper registers.
5928.521.12319/64 (.2969″)An outstanding mouthpiece for the full-time bass trombonist, combining great intonation with excellent lower and upper registers.
6029.031.1435/16 (.3125″)Our largest bass mouthpiece offering a full body of sound for the experienced player.

Model: SMBT
Manufacturer: Schilke


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