D'Addario VENN Synthetic Bb Clarinet Reed

D'Addario VENN: an advanced synthetic reed constructed of polymer fibers, resin, and natural cane elements. Designed to give players the benefits of synthetic reeds without compromising on the sound and playability of cane reeds.
  • VENN is back and better than ever. Introducing Generation 2 of our groundbreaking synthetic reed
  • Unique layering of polymer fibers give VENN natural flexibility, for response and articulation similar to a cane reed.
  • Combined with resin making VENN resistant to adverse elements and stresses that quickly break down natural cane reeds.
  • Natural cane particles allow VENN to mimic cane, giving a warmer and richer sound.
  • Available for Bb Clarinet, Alto & Tenor Saxophone in single units

Model: VBB0XXXG2
Manufacturer: D'Addario


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