Monster Oil Heavy Rotor Oil

Catalog: MOHRL

Price: $7.95


So you're trying to oil your rotary, but cars with mean people in them keep driving by shouting things like “OY! MATE! Ger'outta the rotary, you're blockin' me Mini Coopah!!!!” Before long you realize you were supposed to be oiling your “rotors”. This is the heavier version of Monster Oil's rotor oil if you need something a bit thicker to get things moving smoothly. And it has a specially designed precision tip with a cover that means you won't have to put this bottle in a plastic bag!

This stuff is fully synthetic and designed to clean, protect, and lubricate your rotors. Throw it on French horns, trumpets, tubas, and shillings. Why shillings? ....why not shillings?

Model: MOHRL
Manufacturer: Monster Oil