Bach 24AW Mega Tone Tuba Mouthpiece

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Mega Tone starts with genuine Vincent Bach mouthpiece designs and more than doubles the outside mass. This darkens the sound and allows playing at higher dynamic levels without distortion.

Mega Tone slots extremely well so pitches center dependably, and a slightly larger throat affords less resistance and greater flexibility. The result is a warmer, more powerful sound that adds a new dimension to concert, pop and jazz playing.

The 24AW is an excellent mouthpiece whenever a sonorous dark tone quality of enormous volume is desirable.

NOTE: The inner contours are precisely the same as the original Bach Mouthpiece, allowing same basic playability. However, additional mass on the outside produces a darker, more powerful sound. The Mega Tone throat is also slightly larger than standard to increase response and flexibility.

  • Depth of Cup: Deep Approx. Cup Dia.: 31.25mm Rim Shape: Wide, well rounded. Throat: 8.84mm Backbore: 810

    Model: 33524AW
    Manufacturer: Bach